Music Department – Gordon’s Bay Primary School

Individual music tuition is given in piano and recorder. There are also guitar group lessons available. Learners are entered for the Stellenbosch and Helderberg Eisteddfods, as well as UNISA and Trinity music examinations.

Gordon’s Bay Primary School has both a Junior Choir (grade 1-3) and a Senior Choir (grade 4-7).  Our Junior Choir performed in the Strand City Hall as part of Foyer Production’s Festival of Music. It was a memorable evening and all the learners enjoyed it!

We are very proud of our new choir benches. We purchased it in 2013, after nearly two years of fund raising projects. Not only are the benches comfortable and safe for our learners, but also looks beautiful.

At our annual Culture Evening some of our award winning participants had the opportunity to perform in front of their parents. It was an evening where the high standard of achievements was evident and was enjoyed by everybody present.

Our vision is to keep building our music department with more learners every year. We would like to establish more ensembles and would like to open the wonderful world of music to as many learners as possible!


Music Fees 2019

Individual lessons: 

1 x 30min lesson/week

2 x 30 min lesson/week


R280 / month x 12

R500 / month x 12

Group lesson (Recorder): 

1 x 30min lesson/week

2 x 30min lesson/week


R250 / month x 12

R480 / month x 12

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